french shabby chic living room

Shabby Chic Living Room with White Look

Shabby chic living room is not a new way or idea in the world of home d├ęcor. But sure, they are commonly deigned with any colors and elements that look shabby. The chic accent is usually created from the layout and arrangement of the living room furniture and other elements. Whereas there are many shabby chic living room ideas that can be applied like with the role of colors. Colors […]

color combinations for living rooms

Color Schemes for Living Rooms Ideas

What is your opinion about the role of colors in the living room? Colors have important role in the living room. Colors create the positive or negative feeling of the mood of homeowners and guests. Therefore, selecting the color schemes for living rooms should be right. It means, only the color schemes with positive accent that can be applied. So, the living room will be more comfortable and the atmosphere […]

how to decorate your living room

Pottery Barn Living Room Ideas

Pottery Barn is the famous company concerning about the appearance of your home. Any designs of the home you go and any component you need, you can easily go to Pottery Barn including in selecting the ideas and designs for the living room. Pottery barn living room has many beautiful presentations. The pottery barn living room pictures you see in their website can give you more ideas. It is right […]

round swivel chairs for living room

Swivel Chairs for Living Room Ideas

Usually, the swivel chair is used in the office or home work office. It I also the favorite chair design for children in their bedroom especially for studying. It is because the designs of these swivel chairs are modern, comfortable, smooth and soft. It can make you easier to do many things when you need to turn around. The question is what about the swivel chairs for living room? Will […]

pool landscaping ideas

Pool Landscaping Ideas Designs

For the larger home yard especially for the backyard, you can apply this large space with any ideas and designs that can make your home more wonderful. It can be a facility for your kids to play or the pool landscaping ideas so all your family members can swim and play water together. Furthermore, if it is for summer season, the summer holidays can be spent here. It is fresh, […]